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Serbia: The ghost of Belgrade

The ghost of Belgrade – Corax
Danas (Belgrade)

Slobodan Milošević and Ivica Dačić

Slobodan Milošević' former spokesman and current Interior Minister Ivica Dačić, who only indirectly expressed regret for the wars of the 90s, is now the kingmaker of Serbian politics. With 14.5% of vote in the elections of May 6, his party, the Serbian Socialist Party (SDS) is essential to the Democratic Party of President Boris Tadic, which got 22.09%, in forming a government. The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS, nationalist) came top of the vote with 24%.

Tadić also needs the support of Dačić in the second round of presidential elections, May 20, against the leader of the SNS, Tomislav Nikolić. In the first round, Tadic won 25.34% of the vote, against 24.99% for Nikolic.