Diplomacy: EU vies for special status at UN

24 August 2010 – Presseurop Rzeczpospolita

The United Nations General Assembly is to vote next month on a resolution granting special status to the European Union, reports Rzeczpospolita. Until now, the EU has only had observer status in the UN, without the right to vote. Changing this is a “very delicate matter”, stresses the Warsaw daily. EU members France and Britain, loathe to lose their influence on the UN Security Council, were initially highly reluctant about the idea. Ultimately, they have agreed to a compromise under which the head of EU diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, will have the right to speak on the EU’s behalf only in the General Assembly but not in the Security Council. Still, the outcome of the September vote remains unknown because other organisations, such as the Arab League or the African Union, could also apply for special status, notes Rzeczpospolita.

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