Revelations of a split in policy within the new European Conservative and Reformist (ECR) alliance have proved embarrassing for David Cameron as the coalition leader, writes The Observer. Polish Michal Kaminski publicly endorsed the Lisbon Treaty. Eurosceptic Cameron of the Conservative Party, along with 25 Conservative MEP's, warn that the treaty will lead to some form of federal Europe. Kaminski, of the Polish Law and Justice Party, reasoned that "[Polish]President Kaczynski has managed to negotiate such a shape of the Lisbon Treaty which guarantees Poland's sovereignty." If that weren't enough, Kaminski also called on the alliance to support the common agricultural policy, which for the Tory's is the embodiment of European meddling. This is a further blow as the Conservative Party which switched from the pro-integration European People's Party to the ECR amid allegations that Kaminski harbours homophobic and anti-semitic tendencies.