FOOTBALL - An offside continent

Published on 22 June 2010 at 16:23


An offside continent

La Stampa

Football sometimes reflects certain realities. The World Cup is no exception; the large European teams seem scared, confused and hesitant, just like their governments. The emerging countries are displaying a confidence to challenge old continent supremacy.



A whale of a time

Die Welt

Currently under discussion in Agadir, the ban on whaling continues to divide the international community. Die Welt argues that the ironclad protection demanded for the cetaceans by most European countries is evidence of a quasi-religious conception of ecology.


European Parliament

SOS against financial lobby

| Die Tageszeitung



Fuelling the flames of war

| Dagens Nyheter



Rail deregulation sparks high-speed rows

| Le Monde



Emergency budget : tough but fair?

| The Irish News



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