United Kingdom

Hague presses for audit on EU law

Published on 28 June 2012 at 13:24


While British Prime Minister David Cameron is joining European leaders for talks on closer fiscal and political union, his foreign secretary is looking to launch an inquiry that may help to repatriate powers from Brussels, reports the Financial Times. The business daily notes that the plan for a “comprehensive audit of the impact of European Union law on Britain” considered by William Hague “boosts eurosceptics” in the UK:

Mr Cameron will tell European colleagues he wants to “safeguard” Britain’s position in the single market as eurozone leaders discuss much closer fiscal and political union based on the 17-member single currency area... Pressure is building from Conservative activists and Tory MPs for Britain to use the turmoil in the eurozone to detach Britain from the rest of the EU, reclaiming powers in areas such as employment law, police co-operation and regional policy.

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