Human rights – Europe can close Guantánamo

Published on 25 January 2010 at 16:52

Human rights

Europe can close Guantánamo

The Irish Times

One year after Barack Obama announced his intention to dismantle Guantánamo, 198 prisoners still remain at the notorious detention centre. Colm O’Gorman in the Irish Times argues that Europe, having facilitated extraordinary rendition flights and CIA secret detention centres, made Guantánamo possible, and must open its doors to former detainees.


Czech Republic

Eco-racketeering, a business with a future

Lidové Noviny

The arrest of an environmental activist who demanded money to withdraw his opposition to real estate projects has lifted the veil on a new type of blackmail, which writer Ivan Brezina maintains pales in comparison with the stock and trade of major public figures in the environmental movement.



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