Most crucial elections in Greek history

Published on 12 April 2012 at 11:37

The countdown has begun. In 25 days, on May 6th, the Greeks will be called to the ballot box for decisive legislative elections. The date of the election was set on Wednesday April 11 by Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos, who has headed a coalition government since November 2011. For Greek daily To Ethnos, these elections are no less than "the most crucial early elections in modern Greek history."

The message sent to the nation by Lucas Papademos was expected in recent weeks. The May 6th date is not a surprise but the stakes will be decisive.

According to the latest opinion polls, the right-wing New Democracy Party is the frontrunner. But with voting intentions hovering between 13% and 20%, it would be forced to form an alliance with the socialist PASOK or other smaller parties.

Athens daily Ta Nea writes -

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We must decide if we will vote reasonably or if we prefer political chaos. All the polling institutes agree that a coalition government will have to be formed because no party will have a sufficient majority to govern. The populist parties are rising in the polls, riding on an anti-austerity wave and Europe is watching us. This time, there is no place for campaign promises and political instability, a result of an exhausted two-party system, is a reality.

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