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Published on 8 June 2012 at 09:08

On the day the Euro 2012 football championship begins, the Warsaw daily writes that “Euro 2012 shows that great goals are the best medicine to our problems.”


We’ve made it! We’re in Euroland – Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

“The old continent is really looking old these days. Fortunately, there is football,” quips the Berlin daily. Sport has put “record unemployment, the banking fiasco, the euro crisis, the Greek bust, the revival of border controls, the Spanish bailout into the shade.”


Football – Die Tageszeitung

The German Chancellor has committed to fiscal and political union to save the euro although she is dampening expectations about a masterplan for the upcoming June EU summit, suggesting that all the EU’s problems might not be solved.


Merkel says “Yes” to Europe – El Periódico de Catalunya

The British PM promises to “protect” Britain from German plans for a eurozone superstate with common banking and political systems.


Cameron: I’ll protect UK from a European superstate – The Daily Telegraph

Having reached agreement with the opposition Social Democrats (SPD) on the taxation of financial transactions, which paves the way for ratification of the fiscal compact, Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for additional transfers of sovereignty from member states to the EU.


Europe: Merkel’s counter-attack against Paris – Les Echos

“The world economy is in grave danger,” writes the influential business weekly. “Mrs Merkel, it’s up to you.”


“Please can we start the engines now, Mrs Merkel?” – The Economist

After the June 6 arrest of its Sharia4Belgium leader Fouad Belkacem for “incitement to hatred”, Abu Mujahid, the interim spokesman for the radical Islamist organisation, has declared that said its members will “keep going on” in their goal to “break the spinal column of Belgian democracy.”


Sharia4Belgium goes on, even without Fouad Belkacem – De Morgen

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