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Published on 25 May 2012 at 09:56

It’s not just a bluff designed to influence the Greek vote in June. European capitals have appointed task forces to determine how much an eventual Greek exit from the single currency will cost.


Europeans calculate cost of Greek exit – Le Monde

European politicians will go to Ukraine to cheer their teams during Euro 2012. ”This doesn’t mean, however, they will let the Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych get away with the imprisonment of the opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko,” writes the Warsaw daily.


Euro with Merkel, no boycott of championship – Gazeta Wyborcza

Paris and Berlin are at loggerheads over the French driven proposal to pool eurozone members’ public debt. Berlin believes that its adoption will increase the interest rates for debt securities in Germany and it is urging other states to continue austerity measures.


Eurobonds are become Europe’s explosive – Die Welt

1) Place magazine on hard surface 2) Bang head 3) Repeat as necessary


For Euro crisis relief, bang head here – Bloomberg BusinessWeek

As of yesterday, the Guardia Civil [Spanish security forces] is now authorised to prevent the British navy from seeking to board Spanish fishing vessels. In a long-running face-off, the authorities of Gibraltar have been seeking to drive Spanish fisherman from the disputed waters off the British colony in southern Spain.


Spain warns it will not tolerate further humiliation – ABC

The Hungarian Parliament has approved a new tax on mobile phone communications. Mobile phone users will have to be pay 2 forints (€ 0.007) per minute and per text message, with a cap of 700 forints (€ 2.3) per month for individuals and 2,500 forints (€ 8.36) for businesses. Criticised by operators, the move should bring in 44 billion forints (€146 million) to the Hungarian treasury.


You have received a new tax – Heti Világgazdaság

Wages remain too “inflexible and high,” and this prevents unemployment from falling, the EU/ECB/IMF troika warned yesterday. The troika is currently in Lisbon for the fourth review of its 2011’s €78bn bailout of the crisis stricken eurozone state.


Troika defends lower wages in Portugal – Diário de Notícias


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