Early elections in Greece

‘With concealed weapons’

Published on 30 December 2014 at 10:43


Greece is en route to early general elections on 25 January after its Parliament failed to elect a new president on Monday. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s candidate, Stavros Dimas, fell short of the 180 votes needed, as only 168 MPs voted for him in the third electoral round.
“This time”, writes To Ethnos

polls show there is no clear favourite, as the political landscape is blurry, with [former Socialist Prime Minister George] Papandreou preparing a new party and [left-wing party] DIMAR ready to join [left-wing] SYRIZA. […] The strategy of New Democracy [Samaras’s conservative party] will consist in suggesting to voters they face the choice between Samaras or [SYRIZA’s leader] Alexis Tsipras and the “SYRIZA or memorandum government” dilemma, while [socialist leader] Evangelos Venizelos presents himself as the guarantor of the country’s political stability.

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