Angela’s man to head Bundesbank

Published on 16 February 2011 at 11:33


“Merkel’s man” will head the Bundesbank, headlines Handelsblatt. Following the surprise withdrawal for a second term at the helm by current president Axel Weber, Angela Merkel plans to place her closest adviser, Jens Weidmann, 42, on the executive board of what the Germans term the “Buba”, which will also give him a seat on the board of the European Central Bank. “The history of the Bundesbank has always been distinguished by a rejection of politics,” observes the business daily, noting that Axel Weber retired just because Angela Merkel did not support his anti-inflation strategy. “No risk with the civil servant Weidmann.” Weidmann, who owes his career entirely to Merkel, described his rapport with the Chancellor: “I prepare the files, and she makes the decisions. In the end, it’s always the policy that governs the decision.”

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