European Labour Market

‘Are they really coming?’

Published on 9 December 2013 at 11:27


Ahead of the opening of European Union labour markets to Romanian and Bulgarian workers on January 1, 2014, NRC Handelsblad wonders if the Netherlands should prepare for the “tsunami” of Romanians and Bulgarians that certain politicians have predicted.
The daily, which notes that this fear has mainly been fed by the large number of Poles that have migrated to Great Britain since 2004, points out that experts are divided over the issue, but nonetheless appear to agree that a ‘tsunami’ will not take place.
For sociologist Godfried Engbersen, quoted by NRC Handelsblad

Work is the main attraction for migrant workers, but because of the crisis there is less of it. […] And in the Netherlands, Bulgarians and Romanians often do not have networks of family and friends that can look after them.

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