"Experts want to limit the impact of direct democracy," announces Die Presse. A prominent group of intellectuals, the Club Helvétique, is attempting to overturn a constitutional ban on the building of minarets, which was approved by the Swiss population in November. In a communique, the group declared that the article on minarets should be replaced by "an article on tolerance," and further suggested that amendments to the country's constitution, which undermine human rights—in this case, freedom of religion— should not be submitted to a popular vote. As Die Pressenotes, other repressive measures are waiting in the wings. The next referendum will consult the people on such questions as "life-long custodial sentences for repeat offenders," and "an initiative to repatriate foreign criminals, which stipulates that foreign criminals may be deported to their country of origin, even in cases where they run the risk of being tortured,"a clear violation of theprinciple of non-refoulement.