A heat wave in Europe, torrential rain and fires, chiefly in Russia, are responsible for a panic on the global grain/milling market, Gazeta Wyborczareports on the front page, warning against an inevitable surge in food prices. “Grain and flour prices are growing by the day. Literally. The price of wheat grows by 6 EUR per ton daily on the Paris bourse, from 110 EUR a month ago to 210 EUR yesterday,” reports the paper. Wheat prices have risen 60 percent over the last month, the sharpest such rise since 1959,notesDziennik Gazeta Prawna. The situation has been aggravated by the Russian government’s decision on Thursday to introduce a ban on grain exports, “which means that the Arab countries – the largest importers of grain in the world – are forced to be importing it from the EU or the US,” adds the Warsaw daily.