Magyar Hírlap, a daily with close ties to the Viktor Orbán government, has reported that the Tavares report on the situation of fundamental rights in Hungary, which was adopted in July by the European Parliament, was secretly prepared by Hungarian socialist MEPs, including Hungary’s former minister of foreign affairs Kinga Göncz.

The daily publishes an interview with József Szájer, a member of Orbán’s Fidesz party and the vice president of the conservative EPP parliamentary group, who asserts "the Tavares report should be called the Göncz report. Even if they are repeated a thousand times, lies can never be turned into truth."

József Szájer also attacks "Cohn-Bendit and the banks” which, he claims –

as part of a deliberate policy, launched an initial attack on authority in the country to acheive their petty financial objectives. Hungarian left-wing liberal parties have have sought foreign assistance, but this is a battle in which the independence and the self-determination of the country is at stake.