The EU will delay, “by a few days” the implementation of new sanctions against Russia thus giving some time to assess whether a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine will hold, reports Gazeta Wyborcza, following a meeting of EU ambassadors on September 8.

According to the Warsaw daily, the delay (originally new sanctions were to take effect on September 9) was requested by Finland (backed by a few other countries) which sees the ceasefire between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists as a chance for  “de-escalation” of the conflict in Ukraine.

The new sanctions, writes GW, will

further restrict [oil producers and pipeline operators] Rosneft, Gazprom-Neft and Transneft’s access to loans on European financial markets (they would be able to borrow money for 30 days maximum), tighten the financial screw on five Russian state-owned banks and cut off loans to arm-producing companies.

In addition, a further 24 Russians will be added to a list of those barred from entry to the Union and whose assets in the EU are frozen.