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6 February 2012 – Presseurop

After also almost a month of anti-austerity protests, Romanian President Traian Băsescu announced on 5 February announced that he would consult with the main political parties to appoint a new prime minister. At six am this morning, his current PM Emil Boc resigned. The Bucharest daily believes a technocrat mayt be chosen.


Băsescu's surprise decision – Evenimentul zilei

Finnish conservative Sauli Niinistö has won the presidential election with 63% of the vote against environmentalist Pekka Haavisto. A supporter of the EU and the single currency, Niinistö is the first member of the Conservative Party to run the country since 1982.


Historic – Lapin Kansa

In the midst of cold snap that has affetced all of Europe, Russian energy giant Gazprom has had difficulties meeting European demand. Despite closing down 20% of its nuclear capacity, Germany continues to export electricity, mainly wind and solar.


Energy Europe tested by great cold – Les Echos

Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba was elected head of the Spanish socialists at its 38th Congress held this weekend. Supporters of his rival, former Minister Carme Chacon, have virtually no representation in the party's new leadership.


Rubalcaba surrounds himself with faithful at head of PSOE – El Periódico de Catalunya

Poet and playwright István Csurka, a key figure of Hungary's post-communist far-right, died on February 4. After helping to found Democratic Forum in 1987, he founded and led the nationalist party MIIEP. Recently he was chosen as the second director of the Budapest New Theatre, triggering a wave of protests.


István Csurka (1934-2012) – Magyar Hírlap

Faced with the reduction of public subsidies for solar power products, European and American producers of solar panels face massive competition from China.


Emergence of China makes European solar industry stagger – Le Temps

Due to the extreme cold weather conditions in Europe, the organisers of "Elfstedentocht", or "Eleven Cities Tour"), the world's largest and longest speed skating competition and leisure skating tour, are assessing the possibility of holding a 2012 edition of the event, which last took place in 1997. The eleven city tour is held in Friesland, Netherlands only when the ice along the entire course is 15 cm thick.


Sixteenth Eleven Cities Tour looks closer than ever – De Volkskrant

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