‘Enter the Gypsy party’

Published on 29 November 2013 at 10:39


The Hungarian Gypsy Party (Magyarországi Cigány Párt, MCP), which has 5,000 members, has decided to present candidates in all of the country’s constituencies in the 2014 general elections, [announces [Népszabadság*](http://nol.hu/belfold/20131129-szinre_lep_a_cigany_part).

Quoted by the daily, the MCP manifesto explains that it will not enter into any political alliances because “it is time that Gypsies realised they do not belong to the right or to the left. No one wants us Gypsies.”

Party spokesman Aladár Horváth, who is also President of the Foundation for Romani Civil Rights, believes that the situation of the Roma in Hungary has deteriorated under the Viktor Orbán government. The Roma, he argues, “have been separated from the majority of the nation” and “racial and social discrimination, which have been institutionalised by public authorities, are omnipresent in people’s daily lives.”

Notwithstanding its name, the party wants to represent all Hungary’s poor, because “in the eyes of those in power today, anyone who is poor is a Gypsy.”

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