Video #EU60 – A movie

Europe now!

Sixty years from the signature of the treaty of Rome we made this video to celebrate 'the most extraordinary political invention of modern History'.

Published on 24 March 2017 at 09:17

Sixty years after the Treaty of Rome, signed 25 March 1957, the European Union "has been the most incredible political invention of modern history". But it is unfinished, threatened by its inner demons and external enemies.

Europe is the history of bloodshed and reconciliation, of prosperity and unfinished dreams. Europe carries with it the tragic memory of dictatorships and divisions, but also a common imaginary and culture.

Cinema and archive images are there to reminds us of that. A European identity exists. It exists through the Erasmus generation and through European citizens. Today, the Union's dysfunctions and nationalist pressures represent a threat, but also an historic opportunity to take a leap forward and demand more Europe, now!

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