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Newspapers of all Europe, unite on EU elections!

To coincide with the European elections, Voxeurop is launching an ambitious editorial initiative: bringing 27 media outlets from across the EU together to cover this singular democratic process.

Published on 28 March 2024 at 11:29

At the beginning of June, European citizens will elect their representatives to the European Parliament, in the greatest democratic exercise the continent has ever seen. We decided to cover them in our own special way, with a new editorial initiative that is as original as it is ambitious: "Voices of Europe 2024". We will draw on the lessons learned from 27 Voices for Europe, which we launched for the 2019 European elections and enabled us to successfully test the concept.

We reached out to 27 media outlets – one for each EU member state – and asked them to write and share an article on the main issue of the election campaign in their country: the rise of the far right, the climate crisis, immigration, voter disaffection, a testing ground for national elections, etc. Each outlet will have 26 original articles at its disposal, providing a complete and detailed overview of what is at stake in this vote at the European level – something that most of these outlets would not have the resources to offer on their own. Voxeurop readers have access to 27 contributions translated into their language, illustrated with drawings by British artist and campaigner Madeleina Kay, winner of the 2018 Young European of the Year award, and better known in the UK as EU Supergirl.

We will be publishing contributions from our partners over the weeks leading up to the election days on 6, 7, 8 and 9 June, and will be updating this interactive map as we go along.

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