Launched in May 2014, Voxeurop has since been operated by a truly European team.

Gian-Paolo Accardo

Italian-Dutch journalist. A polyglot lawyer, he was deputy editor of, as well as at Courrier international. He was also a correspondent for Italian Internazionale magazine and TMNews news agency, as well as for several Italian and French publications.

Catherine André

A French graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics. She speaks several languages and worked at Courrier international, Sciences et Vie Economie, Alternatives Economiques et L'Expansion.

Paul Salvanès

Cofounder. Publisher
A French entrepreneur and fundraiser, Paul graduated with an MBA in Economics from ESSEC. Working for the ICRC (International Red Cross), he has led humanitarian projects in the field in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  He joined Voxeurop in 2018.

Stefano Valentino

Italy. A journalist and entrepreneur, he has extensive experience in investigative projects supported by international foundations. He is responsible for investigations at Voxeurop.

Francesca Barca

Italy-France. A journalist, web editor and translator, she has worked for several European newspapers, including Courrier international and Cafébabel.

Katja Petrovic

Germany. Editor of the German version of Voxeurop, she works for, among others, German national radio and television and for various publishers' associations.

Adrian Burtin

France. French journalist living in Belgium, graduated in narrative and investigative journalism from the Université Libre in Brussels.

‘The language of Europe is translation’ – Umberto Eco

Voxeurop relies on a team of some thirty journalists and regular correspondents based all over Europe, and with unique experience in European affairs. Experienced translators in ten languages have a special place at the heart of our project.

Alexandra Spanu



Ciaran Lawless

Ireland. Translator

Andrea Torsello

Italiy. Translator

Sara Fernández 

Spain. Translator

Heike Kurtz

Germany. Translator

Pavel Bartůšek

Czech Republic. Journalist-translator

Rita Azevedo

Portugal. Translator

Frédéric Schneider

Poland-France. Journalist-translator

Anna Bissanti 

Italy. Translator

Andreas Vou 

Cyprus. Journalist

Julia Heinemann

Germany. Translator

Geertje Tenuissen

The Netherlands. Translator

Maciej Zglinicki



Alexander Damiano Ricci

Italy. Journalist

Władysław Bibrowski

Poland. Translator

Pascal Roy

France. Translator

Simon Pickstone

UK. Journalist-translator

Constance Decorde

France. Photo editor


Voxeurop endorses the Munich Charter on the Rights and Duties of Journalists and the Global Charter of ethics for journalists. Our Advisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that we implement these charters, as well as our journalistic standards and our strict editorial independence. It is composed of European personalities who have been involved with Voxeurop since its beginnings, and who share its humanistic and European values.

Eric Jozsef


Journalist, Founder of EuropaNow!

Ulrike Guérot 


Political scientist, founder of the European Democracy Lab.

José Ignacio Torreblanca 


Political scientist and editorialist. Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations - Spain.

Alberto Alemanno


Lawyer, citizen lobbyist and founder of The Good Lobby.

Julia Cagé


Economist, Associate Professor at Sciences-Po Paris.

Carl Henrik Fredriksson


Journalist, essayist and translator, Co-founder of Eurozine.

Tjeerd Royaards 

The Netherlands. 

Press cartoonist, founder of Cartoon Movement.

Iryna Vidanava

Belarus. Journalist and dissident, founder of

Thierry Vissol 


Economist, Founder of the Librexpression centre.

Stronger together

Networks and partners

Voxeurop is a member of Eurozine, a network of over 90 European magazines and cultural journals.

Voxeurop co-founded the European Data Journalism Network — a collaborative platform for the production and dissemination of data journalism content on European affairs — which currently has 25 media members in 20 EU countries.

Voxeurop is a member of Covering Climate Now, which gathers over 400 media from around the world.

Voxeurop is also a founding member of the European Center for Press and Media Freedom, and of the Association of European Journalists.

Prizes and awards

2015 - European Democratic Citizenship Awards Jury Prize

2017 - Altiero Spinelli Prize for the outreach

2019 - Good Lobby Awards – second prize for Media of the Year

Our manifesto for a European journalism

Voxeurop SCE, European news co-operative