Generous when it comes to saving the economy of their own countries,the G8 are stingy when it comes to Africa. Following the recent gathering at L’Aquila, Corriere della Seracompares money promised to Africa with funds allocated to tackle the financial crisis, and the result is worrisome. “Five euros and 18 cents each year. 43 cents per month. This is the amount allocated for every African by the G8 leaders, writes the Milanese daily. Just 0.13 per cent of what was allocated in recent months to stem the economic crisis in rich countries”.

A sum so trifling as to be irrelevant, according to the Italian newspaper: “We endlessly repeat that it is better to give Africans a rod and teach them how to fish, instead of giving them fish. Well, with this money, an African can buy a hook and two meters of wire once a year. But no rod, no worms. And the problem of the water remains “.

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