Germany and Poland connect on energy

Published on 3 February 2011 at 11:07


The coming EU energy summit will see Poland and Germany link up over financing energy infrastructure from the EU budget, Gazeta Wyborcza leads. EU leaders will meet in Brussels on Friday 4 January to discuss the issues of diversification of energy sources and power grid modernisation. According to the daily, Polish PM Donald Tusk and his German counterpart Angela Merkel will seek EU support for further integration of the energy market. This includes the construction – co-financed by the EU - of interconnectors between power grids of individual member states - an idea so far opposed by the UK and Sweden. “For the first time ever, the Polish PM is going to an EU summit with a position coordinated with Germany”, the Warsaw daily enthuses, adding that this is all about “energy security, where Warsaw and Berlin have had conflicting interests so far”.

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