Restaurants not for Roms

Published on 27 January 2011 at 10:26


“Menu only for Poles” headlinesGazeta Wyborcza describing instances where owners of several restaurants in the city of Poznań do not want to serve Roms. “I’m not the only one to institute such a ban”, says Klaudia Lopez, owner of Cuba Libre restaurant, “Roms come in groups and raise hell. They leave a mess.” Although the ban is unconstitutional, the daily notes, the police has rejected a formal complaint by the local Roma organisation. The case is investigated by the Ministry of Interior, which plans to send mediators to Poznań to begin dialogue between Roms and restaurant owners. “Incidents of aggression against Roms in Poland [their number is estimated at 35,000] happen every day. In Wrocław and Lublin we have been thrown out of shops. In Bytom, brutal attacks against Roms have taken place,” Roman Kwiatkowski, co-founder of the Association of Polish Roms, has told the daily adding that “No other minority in Europe is as discriminated as the Roms. Their situation has started to resemble that of the Jews before WWII.”

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