Photo Story Awaiting the local elections in Scotland

The Scottish independence movement gets its boots on

A photo report from Scotland, where a myriad of movements fights in various ways to liberate the country from “the British yoke”. Next May’s elections could give them fresh hope.

Published on 18 February 2021 at 16:00

With parliamentary elections due to take place next May, Scottish independence is in the spotlight more than ever before. Leading the polls and already in power for the last 15 years, the SNP (the left-wing Scottish National Party) aims to turn its likely victory into an opportunity to organise a new referendum on the issue. The popular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised as much.  

For their part, far from the conventional political agenda, popular initiatives are also playing a key role in the struggle for independence, aiming to liberate Scotland from the “British yoke”. Whether it’s All Under One Banner (AUOB), The Long Walk For Freedom, Voices for Scotland or Yes for EU, this assortment of activists of various stripes is organising marches, debates and rallies across the country.

Curated by Constance Decorde.

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