Luxembourg Leaks

‘This man is unfit to lead Europe’

Published on 14 November 2014 at 15:44


Several years ago, The Economist said Silvio Berlusconi was “unfit to lead Italy”, and later claimed he was also “unfit to lead Europe”. Those cover stories have inspired L’Espresso, which argues that, following the “Luxembourg Leaks” or “LuxLeaks” revelations on tax evasion in the Grand Duchy, “in a normal Europe, Jean-Claude Juncker would resign”.
For the Italian weekly, if the former Luxembourgish prime minister —

really holds credibility and maintaining shaky European institutions in his heart, then he should step down. [...] If the person responsible for maintaining the unity of a community of 500 million people has shown himself to be a shrewd manipulator working in the interests of a single nation, everything risks going off the rails. Farewell Maastricht [...] and goodbye to the idea of a Europe based on fairness and solidarity, where a citizen of the Peloponnese and another of Flanders are to feel they hold and share the same rights and duties.

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