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Published on 21 June 2012 at 09:29

Former social-democrat justice minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin and the Die Linke party (left) are seeking to lodge an emergency appeal at the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court after the German lower house adopts the EU fiscal compact on June 29.


Judges called to stop fiscal compact – Berliner Zeitung

“Will the German Chancellor relent before she terminates growth and pushes us into a new Depression?” asks the London weekly.


Europe’s most dangerous leader – New Statesman

According to classified documents, Sweden — traditionally neutral and a non-NATO member — would engage fighter planes to defend Norway in case of attack. A promise made during a joint exercise with the alliance in October 2011.


Sweden ready to go to war for NATO – Svenska Dagbladet

An increase in attacks on tax officials by people unable to pay has led the sector’s union to organize self-defense courses, which include the handling of weapons.


Tax officials take self-defense courses and want to carry weapons – i

By a narrow majority of 6 to 5, the Spanish Constitutional Court has overturned a ruling that Basque separatist party Sortu is ineligible to stand for elections. In March 2011, the Supreme Court endorsed the government’s election ban on Sortu on the grounds that its statutes did not condemn terrorism sufficiently.


Nationalist left legal again with Sortu – El Correo

The “Belarusian Katyń list”, missing for 72 years, has been found by Russian historian Natalia Lebedeva. This list of 1,996 Poles transported to Minsk prison, where they were probably executed on Stalin’s and notorious NKVD chief Lavrenti Beria’s orders, helps explain what happened to another group of over 21,000 Polish officers who disappeared in the Soviet Union during World War 2 and were not accounted for among the Polish POW’s killed by the Soviets in Katyń forest in 1940 and found by the Germans in 1943.


Stalin’s list – Gazeta Wyborcza

The Italian Senate has lifted Senator Luigi Lusi’s immunity. Lusi, former treasurer of the Margherita party (centre-left) is accused of misappropriation of public funds. This is the first time the senators have voted on a arrest warrant for one of their own.


Yes to arrest — Lusi in jail – La Repubblica

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