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Published on 14 November 2012 at 10:34

The European Trade Union Confederation is organising a day of strikes and demonstrations in 23 European countries to protest against the austerity policies leveled against the debt crisis in Europe.


Europe to the barricades – Neues Deutschland

Following on from the mass protest on 29 March, a new general strike has been organised for the 14 November to protest against unemployment, which has reached 25%, austerity policies and the economic recession. The daily notes although “no Spanish government has ever had to face a trade union protest on this scale over such a short timeframe”, Prime Minister Rajoy has declared that he will push ahead with reforms.


Rajoy faces second general strike amid mounting social discontent – El País

The IMF and the countries of the Eurozone are unable to reach agreement on the amount of time in which Greece must reduce its debt to 120% of GDP. The Eurozone wants a target date in 2022, while the IMF is insisting on 2020 — a deadline that can only be respected if there is a second debt restructuring, which the Eurozone refuses to allow.


IMF and EU at odds over aid to Greece – Der Standard

While the handover of the 31.5 billion euro tranche of international aid planned for the second quarter of 2012 has yet to be given a green light, the German government has proposed to add a further €8.3bn that was initially to be transferred during the third and fourth quarters of 2012. This single payment will be subject to strict conditions and controls imposed by the EU-ECB-IMF troika.


Christmas with €44bn, but with strict conditons – Ta Nea

Angela Merkel’s meeting with a group of Portuguese businessmen in Lisbon on November 12 seems to be bearing fruit, reports the Lisbon daily. Germany’s Fraport, owner of Frankfurt airport, is best placed to buy ANA – Airports of Portugal, while the acquisition of Fisipe (acrylic fibres producer) by SGL Group, a German world leader in the production of carbon materials, has also been announced. German company Bosch is to decide whether to build a brand new factory in Portugal or Romania.


Business with Germany progresses after Merkel´s departure – i

On the occasion of his first press conference, President François Hollande attempted to explain his economic policy while insisting that there had been no about-turn with regard to his campaign promises. Announcing that he would set his sights on the twin objectives of economic recovery and reducing unemployment, he pledged to cut public spending by 60 billion euros between now and 2017.


Hollande acknowledges need to reform state – Les Echos

The endangered species on the front page is not the dog but the newspaper in its teeth. Frankfurter Rundschau is the first quality national daily to announce that it is bankrupt. It will continue to pay staff wages until 31 January, although it is not certain to find an investor. Financial Times Deutschland, which has not made money since its launch 11 years ago, is also in a very difficult situation. According to a number of sources, the newspaper’s supervisory board, which is to hold a meeting to decide on its fate on 21 November, will probably opt to close it down. FTD is Germany’s second largest business daily.


Threatened with extinction – Die Tageszeitung


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