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Published on 10 January 2012 at 11:15

According to calculations by the European Commission, the “Tobin Tax” on financial transactions supported by France and Germany could cost a total of 440,000 jobs in Europe.


New EU tax threatens 5,000 Danish jobs – Børsen

According to a 2010 State Security report, Salafist preachers and the Sharia4Belgium organisation threaten “the integration of people of Muslim background.”


Radical Islamism threatens Belgium – Le Soir

Deputy military prosecutor Colonel Mikołaj Przybył tried to shoot himself in the head after a news conference in the city of Poznań. Accused of ordering illegal wiretaps of journalists investigating the 2010 Katyn plane crash, he was protesting, according to the national press, government plans to merge civilian and military judicial structures.


Shots in prosecutor’s office – Gazeta Wyborcza

The European Court of Human Rights has dismissed an appeal by two Romanian officials against the government’s 2010 decision to reduce public sector salaries by 25%. The ECHR decision overturns a Romanian court ruling in 2010 that invalidated the government’s decision.


ECHR effect – civil servants may lose wages won in court action – Evenimentul zilei

During the German debt issue of January 9, investors purchased €3.9 billion in six-month government bonds at a negative rate of -0.012%.


Germany earns money on debt for first time – Die Welt

The most important national study on climate change reveals that the Czech Republic will be affected by recurrent droughts to the end of the century. The Ministry of Agriculture is studying plans to construct 65 new dams to compensate for water shortages.


Forecast for Czech Republic is very hot – Hospodářské Noviny

The President of the Swiss National Bank Philipp Hildebrand has resigned. His wife is accused of insider trading related to financial speculation on the weakness of the US dollar against the Swiss franc.

Doubt provokes Hildebrand’s fall – Tribune de Genève

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