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Published on 17 September 2012 at 09:25

According to the Madrid daily, there is a “division of opinion” within the Spanish government. While PM Mariano Rajoy wants to avoid a rescue for the crisis stricken economy, Minister of Economy Luis de Guindos is pressing for one “as soon as possible.” Rajoy has instead ordered his minister to “have everything prepared if needed.” The reasons for such a “decision, or rather indecision” include regional elections in Galicia and the Basque Country on October 21, ahead of which the PM would like to soften possible bailout conditions.


Rajoy delays bailout request while seeking better situation – El País

According to a survey for the Bertelsmann Foundation, “48% think that EU membership is a danger to social peace”. This is an “historic change of opinion,” notes the Berlin daily. 49% of respondents also believe they would be better off without the euro.


Germans no longer believe in Europe – Die Welt

According to a poll published by the Paris daily, 64% of the French would vote “No” to the Maastricht Treaty if they were consulted today. Masstricht was approved in a referendum by a narrow 51% in 1992. 76% of respondents believe that the EU is not doing enough to combat the economic crisis, but 65% want to keep the euro.


The French and Europe: disenchantment – Le Figaro

Several countries are against European Commission project to place up to 6000 eurozone banks under ECB control by 1 January 2014. Berlin notably has ruled out allowing the European Stability Mechanism to recapitalise ailing banks directly.


Supervision of banks in eurozone will be slower than expected – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Greek government has begun new negotiations with EU-ECB-IMF troika, in order to validate €4 billion in savings against the €11.5 billion claimed by Greece’s creditors. As Athens has refused to further reduce the number of civil servants, the decision to raise retirement age from 65 to 67 could help close the agreement.


Key to austerity package is retirement at 67 – Ta Nea

Protests against the anti-Islam film “The innocence of Muslims” spread throughout Europe this weekend. In Belgium, 230 arrests were made in Borgerhout, near Antwerp. The Muslim Executive of Belgium has appealed for calm.


Belgium’s muslims appeal for calm – Le Soir

Despite the government’s promises of an “e-revolution” in the administration, the implementation of the electronic record of people and vehicles has been postponed for two years as the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) currently assesses offers of IT companies which took part in the call for tender for both systems. So far, several people have been arrested and charged with corruption when the CBA found out that some tenders had been rigged.


E-Poland two years later – Gazeta Wyborcza

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