The tax amnesty established in 2006 has provoked so much interest that the tax office has had trouble processing all of the applications, notes De Standaard.

On July 12, the final date on which “fiscal sinners” could regularise their financial situation, the tax office was “inundated with last-minute applications,” reports the daily: 3,879 applications were submitted, “close to the number registered in the two previous years”. The measure could net as much as €750m for the state.

In its editorial, De Standaard remarks that Belgians repatriating money from abroad “are not doing it willingly or for ethical reasons”, but to avoid exposure to further penalties that came into force on July 15. All the more so, because a large number of applications give the impression that “plenty of undeclared euros”, which the state could “invest in projects to stimulate growth,” still remain at large.