On 22 September the Islamic State (IS) threatened France with repreasal for being a member of the coalition that declared war on it, reports Libération. IS also claimed kidnapping a French hiker in Algeria, whom it says it will kill if France does not stop its military operations in Iraq.

IS also accuses Paris of being an ally to Shia muslim as well as to have a bad reputation in the Islamic world because of its law that prohibites the islamic veil in public spaces, adds the French daily. For Libération, IS’ threat to kill “anywhere anyway” the “evil and dirty French” —

appears as a call to those indicated as “lone wolves”, like Mehdi Nemmouche or Mohamed Merah.

In its editorial, te daily underlines that France “is right” to take such threats seriously, as “Mehdi Nemmouche, the Burssels’ Jewish Museum killer, showed that acting out is possible”.