Golden Dawn’s hidden face

Published on 20 September 2013 at 14:16


The day after the funeral of Pavlos Fyssas, the rapper murdered in the early morning of September 18, by a Golden Dawn activist, To Ethnos publishes revelations on the neo-Nazi party’s “assault division” — a term that recalls Adolf Hitler’s brownshirts.

In a long interview, a former member of Golden Dawn, the third largest political force in Greece since its June 2012 entry into parliament, explains that “aspiring members of the party have to prove they are capable of violent acts, and not afraid of a brawl.” Activists who have left or who have been expelled from the party are subject to “electronic harrassment”, particularly on social networks.

The former activist explains that Golden Dawn also demands that its members provide “protection” for traders, especially against the Albanian mafia. On a more bizarre note, he reveals that the clothing donations collected “for Greeks” that are organised by the party, often end up being sold for profit on market stalls run by Pakistanis.

For its part, reports I Kathimerini “the government has opened a case file on Golden Dawn.” The newspaper continues —

Ministries and security forces are on full alert. Legislation to outlaw parties like Golden Dawn and classify them as ‘terrorist groups’ will soon be ready. Yesterday evening [September 19], the Ministry for Public Order delivered a file with the names of the 30 most dangerous Golden Dawn activists to the chief prosecutor’s office.

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