Judgement day

Published on 31 March 2011 at 10:20


“Are the banks out of danger?” headlines La Tribune, in the run-up to today’s publication of the results of a second wave of stress tests. Europe’s ministries of finance are awaiting the figures “with a mixture of impatience and fear,” and hoping they will prove to be more useful than the 2010 stress tests, “which failed to predict the imminent collapse of the Irish banking sector.” The daily notes that “this time around, European regulators are hoping to provide the markets with a more accurate picture of the solidity of the continent’s banks.” It also warns that “the results will likely highlight disparities between countries,” and points out that “banks in the UK, France and Italy appear to be better equipped to deal with adverse conditions than some of their under-capitalised counterparts in Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.”

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