An EU that wages war on refugees did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Ten years ago, the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize. Originally conceived as a reward for demilitarisation, the 2012 accolade seems even more jarring today than it might have done then. Several EU members are involved in external conflicts and the EU is militarising its borders by arming Frontex guards.

Melilla, the invisible genocide at the gates of Europe

On 24 June, in the Spanish enclave of Melilla (Morocco), thousands of migrants, mostly Sudanese, tried to force the metal border fence. Moroccan security forces responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and batons. At least 37 people were killed – 27, according to unofficial reports. Desirée Bela-Lobedde, a Spanish Afrofeminist, shares her thoughts in an opinion column for Público.

The lobbyists behind Europe’s response to migration

A “fortress Europe” is being built thanks to a massive deployment of resources. The result is that the border agency Frontex embraced corporate interests rather than human rights, a new report from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) shows.