Are we trading our freedom and privacy in exchange for safety?

A Voxeurop Live video talk with journalists Andreas Vou (Big Techtopia) and Alexander Fanta (Netzpolitik).

Published on 28 February 2021 at 10:39

Since internet has become part of our lives, and even more since social media have become increasingly part of our lives, we have been providing governments and private companies – starting from the so-called GAFA (Google-Amazon-Facebook-Apple) with a growing amount of what has become the most valued commodity today: personal data. This data is used in the public interest – to monitor, plan and forecast public policies – for business – to sell advertisement that match our alleged needs – and for safety – to prevent and monitor diseases or disorders.

But the frontier between use and abuse is rather blurry, and we have many examples on how data can be used for the bad – mass surveillance, sneaky advertising or for inducing unwanted behaviour. This evening, we welcome two journalists, Andreas Vou and Alexander Fanta, who did extensive research on the influence of the so-called Big Tech on public life and citizens’ privacy – on Voxeurop among others – because we believe it is one of the major issues of our times.

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