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Will Merkel answer Europe's call?

Published on 8 March 2010 at 15:26
Newsweek, 8 March 2010


"Waiting for Merkel: why Germany doesn’t want to lead" reads the front cover of Newsweek. The American weekly says the current crisis in Europe "cries out for serious leadership" and examines why German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reluctant to step into the power vacuum. "All eyes" are on Merkel, who is seen as a consensus builder and also heads the continent’s biggest and richest economy. But neither Merkel or Germany are in "much of a mood to lead." Since reunification the country has turned into a "sated and inward-looking power" and Merkel only became Germany’s most popular leader since World War II by pledging to avoid reform. However, Germany is dependent on euro zone neighbours for 44 per cent of its exports and has an ageing and shrinking workforce. So for the country to do well in the 21st century, it will "require the vision to overcome powerful political and cultural forces fixated more than in most other countries on the status quo at home and abroad.


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