Bring on the Eurostars

Time was when European tellies teemed with series and singers from other European nations. Nowadays, laments historian/journalist Nils Minkmar, even as European borders open up, European mindsets are narrowing.

Published on 8 January 2010 at 15:17
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Those who grew up on standard TV fare in Germany knew Prague from Pan Tau, Yorkshire from All Creatures Great and Small, and the short hot summers on Småland from the Pippi Longstocking shows. Variety, talk and game shows used to take pride in having guests “from abroad”, who were effusively hailed as “world stars” if they’d ever sung at, say, the jazzfest in Montreux, Switzerland. Show hosts who, whilst descending the staircase on stage, were capable of welcoming the audience in several languages were considered pretty chic. Nowadays even a good command of standard German seems to be a career obstacle for many a compatriot.

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