Viktor Orbán’s open arms for Russian residency bond owners

Launched in 2013 and cancelled in 2017, the Hungarian Residency Bond programme provided permanent residency status in Hungary to non-EU nationals. Over the years, the programme was used by top Russian officials, some of whom were later targeted by EU sanctions in the aftermath of the invasions of Ukraine. Non-profit Hungarian news outlet Direkt36 investigates.

Europe faces the social cost of energy transition

Fighting climate change while keeping economic promises – it is proving to be a difficult balancing act. Within its “just transition” policy, the EU has multiplied initiatives, funding and innovations in order to achieve its environmental goals without harming the most vulnerable. But these good intentions are clashing with the economic reality of industries and jobs that are ill-equipped for change.

Workers want a new socio-ecological contract

Climate is changing and so are Europeans. Are their jobs changing, too? Squeezed between politics, the economy and COVID-19, workers are looking for a brand new role that is fair to all of them as much as it is to the environment, say participants to the latest European Trade Union Institute conference.